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DRIVER QUALIFICATIONS                            

All applicants to be a minimum of 24 years of age, and have a minimum of 2 years
verifiable driving experience.

Only those applicants with 2 or fewer chargeable motor vehicle accidents within the
past 3 years will be considered. Because of our commitment to safety, the company
will not consider driver applicants who fail to meet the above standards.

Only those applicants with 3 or fewer violations of motor vehicle laws (other than
violations involving parking only) within the past 3 years will be considered. An
applicant who has incurred more violations than the above standard has
demonstrated a pattern of unsafe driving behavior which E & B TRANSPORT INC
finds unacceptable in any prospective associate.

E & B TRANSPORT INC has a no tolerance policy regarding drug and alcohol
related incidents and will not consider any driver applicant convicted of any offense
involving the operation of a motor vehicle while impaired by drugs or alcohol.

Consideration of a driver will not be granted if the applicant has been convicted of
any careless or reckless driving of a motor vehicle offense within the past 10 years.
Drivers convicted of operating a motor vehicle with willful or wanton disregard for
the safety of persons or properties are considered to be unsafe by the company.
This kind of behavior is unacceptable in any prospective E & B TRANSPORT INC

Consideration of a driver will not be granted if the applicant has been convicted of a
criminal offense involving a commercial vehicle, including operating while under the
influence of a controlled substance, transporting a controlled substance, or a felony
involving the use of a commercial motor vehicle.

Drivers will be expected to converse with other company employees, our customers,
and the general public. Therefore, E & B TRANSPORT INC requires all driver
applicants to be able to read and speak English sufficiently to be able to perform all
duties and functions of the job. As well maintain a professional composure at all
times while representing E & B TRANSPORT INC.

Applicants will also be required, because of experience, training, or both, to be able
to safely operate a motor vehicle, determine and execute proper cargo securement
DRIVER RESOURCES